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dog photography hamilton ontario


I may have you assist with dog wrangling and this often involves you getting in my shot. I shoot on a black backdrop so if you wear black pants and a long sleeve black top, you will blend in and it will be easier to retouch you out where necessary.


When dogs arrive, I allow them to explore my space on their own for as long as they need, and will slowly introduce myself as the situation unfolds. This may be five minutes, or it may be a half hour. Your pup may also need to run around a bit to let off steam at points during the session. This is perfectly normal and expected. Time for this is built into the session.

Especially important for high energy dogs: make sure your pup has had a walk or some play time with you before you come to the session. If they have not seen you all day and have not had a walk, they may be very wound up and far too excited to see their beloved human.

To keep food motivation strong, try to feed your pup a little less before we shoot.  My treats are freeze dried chicken and beef, so they are low calorie and very small to ensure that drooling and chewing are kept to a minimum during the shoot. If you prefer we use your treats, please be sure that larger treats are cut down to tiny bite sizes ahead of time.

If you get your dog groomed, you can time your shoot to your favourite stage between groomings. Please note that hair growing into the eyes creates a challenge. The windows to the soul need to be seen! Something to consider, especially for our beloved doodles.

Photographs by Melanie Gillis
Hamilton  Ontario  Canada

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